GDA (Generic Data Acquisition)

 contains code used for notifying (possibly external) entities when files are created. is a set of code for general purpose extraction of data from nexus files. is a set of code to represent data in an Nexus file in memory and supports reading and writing that data to nexus files and text formats
org.gda.tango gda.device in is a set of code for talking to Tango devices
gda.device.detector.nexusprocessor a set of code for extending a NexusDetector to allow for processing.
Provides classes for handling connections and IO operations to EPICS servers.
The design philosophy is that within the ObjectServer of GDA there will be instances of classes that implement interfaces IReloadableQuantitiesConverter and Findable.
All structure definitions define java equivalents of the C structures needed by the C API calls.
How to migrate a service to OSGI declarative: 1.
How to migrate a service to OSGI declarative: 1.
How to migrate a service to OSGI declarative: 1.
This package contains the regions of interest and some mathematics which go with them.
The package org.eclipse.scanning.api reflects interfaces such as scannable
and detector from the GDA8 architecture.
This package is for implementations of remote objects which connect back to the server or servers using JMS rather than a direct connection.
From: A Java servlet is a Java program that extends the capabilities of a server.
This package contains marker classes for different type of selections.
This package contains the components required to configure a fully-automated DIAD experiment.
The experiment driver is the thing that defines the experiment from start to finish.
This package defines operations on rich datasets which are standard to the operations service.
This package contains the "flatteners" that are used as part of AnalysisRpc to flatten/unflatten data types before passing them to the XML-RPC transport layer.
This package contains the helper classes.
The doe package in concerned with Design of Experiment logic used to create ranges of experiments.
RICH BEAN FRAMEWORK - v1.0.5 Introduction ------------ The rich bean framework is a design for separating widgets from functionality.