1.4. Buckminster Headless

A headless version of Buckminster (i.e. a version that can be run from the command line) is available. This is separate from the version that you install into your Eclipse IDE.

Buckminster Headless is optional, but having it available means that you can use Buckminster from scripts (for example, in automated testing).

1.4.1. Using a previously-configured headless Buckminster

At DLS headless Buckminster has been installed and can be accessed using one of the following commands:

module load java/gdamaster         # or java/gda95 etc
module load buckminster/gdamaster  # or buckminster/gda95 etc


1.4.2. Install and configure headless Buckminster

Install Buckminster Headless with the extra features required for development.

  1. install Buckminster Headless by using the script buckminster_headless_install.sh (Linux) or buckminster_headless_install.bat (Windows)

Note that you will need to modify these scripts before using them at your site.