2.2. Subversion


Recent versions of Eclipse implement something called “Secure Storage”. We have not yet investigated this.

2.2.1. Diamond Light Source Subversion server

The DLS Subversion server (https://svn.diamond.ac.uk/subversion/gda/) can be accessed from outside the Diamond network, but requires authorisation. Anonymous access is not supported.

Once you have been are authorised, you will be issued a Diamond FedID (username) and password, which is required to access the repository.

2.2.2. Subversion security

You can check which SVN interface client is used by Eclipse at Window ‣ Preferences ‣ Team ‣ SVN, under SVN Interface: Client.

There are (at least) two possible locations where subversion credentials can be cached.

  1. The user’s private runtime configuration area. This location is used by the subversion command line client svn, and by Eclipse if its SVN interface client is JavaHL. The default location (usually unchanged) is:

    ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple/              on Unix-like systems
    %APPDATA%\Subversion\auth\svn.simple\       on Windows


    You should ensure that the auth directory and its contents can only be read by you

    chmod go-rwx -R ~/.subversion/auth/         # make all files readable by the owner only
  2. In the Eclipse keyring. This location is used by Eclipse if its SVN interface client is SVNKit. The default location is:



    If you are using SVNKit, do not use the default location for the Eclipse keyring, since it is likely to be readable by others. You can change the location of the Eclipse keyring by starting Eclipse with the -keyring option.

    /path/to/eclipse -keyring /path/to/.keyring  # the .keyring file will be created if it does not already exist
    chmod go-rwx /path/to/.keyring               # do immediately the .keyring file is created, before any credentials are stored in it

If you need to delete cached credentials, simply delete the auth/svn.simple/ directory, or the .keyring file, as appropriate.

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