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[VID]9. Data_reduction_slice.mp429-Aug-2012 14:12 1.7M 
[VID]18. Simple measurements.mp412-Jun-2013 16:01 2.9M 
[VID]2. Regions.mp402-Apr-2012 16:03 3.0M 
[VID]28. Cropping Data with Trace and XFAS tool.mp410-Sep-2014 14:01 3.1M 
[VID]10. Data_reduction_boxprofile.mp428-Aug-2012 16:55 3.1M 
[VID]13. Scan From Workflows.mp414-Jan-2013 14:20 3.4M 
[VID]5. SubToolsAndHistogram.mp411-Apr-2012 09:53 3.5M 
[VID]7. Data_reduction_fit.mp429-Aug-2012 10:31 3.7M 
[VID]3a. Slicing with History.mp431-Oct-2012 15:23 4.2M 
[VID]8. Data_reduction_sector.mp429-Aug-2012 11:40 4.4M 
[VID]11. Diffraction_Tool_Basic.mp419-Nov-2012 14:34 4.8M 
[VID]14. Workflow plot examples.mp414-Jan-2013 15:00 4.8M 
[VID]1a. ThreeDimensions.mp405-Dec-2012 09:29 4.9M 
[VID]3. HDF5Slicing.mp411-Apr-2012 10:22 5.2M 
[VID]21. Debugging python from workflows.mp412-Sep-2013 14:12 5.7M 
[VID]34. Mapping perspective.mp406-Apr-2017 12:53 5.7M 
[VID]20. Using Python.mp403-Jul-2013 09:26 5.7M 
[VID]6. Workflows.mp411-Jul-2012 09:29 5.8M 
[VID]16. Expressions larger than available memory.mp414-Mar-2013 16:10 6.0M 
[VID]12. Python scripting of user interface.mp419-Dec-2012 11:26 6.1M 
[VID]1. Importing images.mp418-May-2012 15:58 6.4M 
[VID]19. Hyper 3D.mp412-Jun-2013 16:20 6.6M 
[VID]4. Dedicated_view_tools.mp411-Jul-2012 10:09 6.6M 
[VID]33. Using Python Scripts in the Processing Perspective.mp423-Mar-2017 10:53 6.8M 
[VID]29. Peema perspective - Image alignement and Circular Dichroism calculation.mp429-Oct-2014 17:10 7.0M 
[VID]17. ConversionWizard.mp407-Jun-2013 11:20 7.3M 
[VID]15. Breakpoints in Workflows.mp416-Jan-2013 15:58 7.7M 
[VID]22. Export Surface to Video.mp413-Sep-2013 17:36 8.6M 
[VID]0. Introduction to DAWN.mp403-Sep-2013 12:06 8.6M 
[VID]32. Recording a macro to script plotting.mp429-Jan-2015 15:26 8.8M 
[VID]35. DataVis perspective.mp406-Dec-2017 09:42 11M 
[VID]27. Peakfitting N-Dimensional Data.mp425-Jun-2014 16:51 13M 
[VID]23. Automatic 2D Powder Diffraction Calibration.mp414-Apr-2014 15:09 14M 
[VID]25. ARPES data reduction.mp429-Apr-2014 16:05 15M 
[VID]24. Manual 2D Powder Diffraction Calibration.mp415-Apr-2014 13:47 15M 
[VID]26. 2D Powder Diffraction Integration.mp425-Jun-2014 10:05 17M 
[VID]30. Processing perspective - XRD2 data reduction.mp409-Dec-2014 16:11 20M 
[VID]32. Recording a macro to script plotting.avi28-Jan-2015 17:05 58M 
[VID]31. Image stack alignment.mp427-Jan-2015 19:36 62M 

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